10/24 GHz feed system

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Pic. 1 shows the 24 GHz feedhorn mounted above the 10 GHz feed on the 65cm offset dish. Attenuation in the flexwaveguide/90 degr. bend from the 24 GHz transverterbox behind the dish to the feedhorn is app. 1 dB, where 0,3 dB comes from the 90 degr. bend. The feedhorn is Art.Nr. 11813 from UKW-Berichte and it has 16 dBi gain.    

Pic. 2 shows how i found the focuspoint on the 10 GHz feedhorn using a laser spirit level.

Pic. 3 shows how I found the 24 GHz focuspoint by elevating the dish 5.8 degr.

Pic. 4 shows the modified support for elevating the dish. The motor is a Danfoss gearmotor and it was used to control of valves in central heating systems. The motor has 2 endstop contacts adjusted to minimum 0 and maximum 10 degr. elevation at 10 GHz. 

The idea for this concept came from discussions with Gerard, PA0BAT at the UKW-Tagung in Weinheim.

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