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My QTH is located in JO45BO58TT at the west coast of Jutland, 1 km from the North Se
a, in the cottage area Vejers Strand, 25 km WNW of Esbjerg and 5 km north of Blåvandshuk, the most westerly point in Denmark. Find my QTH on Google Maps.

  My summer cottage

South- to westwards the distance to the nearest stations is between 200 and 500 km over water. In the summer period the chance for sea ducting is very good.

In all other directions the nearest obstacles are 100 km away making contacts on 10 GHz over 300 km possible even under normal conditions. 

Vejers Strand is located in a reservation and the red deers are often listening to my radio contacts.

  Young red deer


Last update: 2019-10-22